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COMMANDER 115 – Specifications and Performance



In the relentless pursuit of safety and quality, CPAC reserves the right to change specifications, performance estimates, material, and/or prices, and may discontinue models and introduce new models, at any time and without prior notice.

Manufacturer Textron Lycoming
Model IO-540-T4B5
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 541.5 cu. in. (8.87 l)
Maximum Power 260 HP @ 2,700 RPM
Recommended TBO 2,000 hours
Manufacturer McCauley
Model B3D32C419/82 NHA-5
Type Constant-Speed, Hydraulic
Number of Blades 3
Diameter 77" (1.96 m)
Maximum Ramp 3,260 lbs. (1,478.71 kg)
Maximum Take-off 3,250 lbs. (1,474.17 kg)
Standard Empty 2,102 lbs. (953.45 kg)
Max Baggage Compartment 200 lbs. (90.72 kg)
Standard Useful Load 1,158 lbs. (525.26 kg)
Fuel & Oil Capacity
Fuel 90 US gal./88 usable
(340.65 liters/333.08 usable)
Oil 8 quarts (7.57 l)
Wing Area/Loadings
Wing Area 152 sq. ft. (14.12 sq. m)
Wing Loading 21.4 lbs./sq. ft.(104.48 kg/sq. m)
Power Loading 12.5 lbs./hp. (5.67 kg/hp)


Maximum 164 kts. (304 kph)
Performance Cruise (75% Power) 160 kts. (297 kph)
Economy Cruise (65% Power) 155 kts. (287 kph)
Long Range Cruise (55% Power) 149 kts. (276 kph)
Stall (Cruise Configuration) 60 kts. (111 kph)
Stall (Landing Configuration) 54 kts. (100 kph)
Takeoff Performance
Ground Roll 1,145 ft. (348.99 m)
Distance over 50 ft. Obstacle 1,985 ft. (605.02 m)
Climb Performance
Initial S.L. Rate of Climb 1,070 ft./min.(326.14 m/min.)
Service Ceiling 16,800 ft.(5,120.64 m)
Range @ Performance Cruise 855 NM @ 14.3 gph.(54.13 lph)
Range @ Economy Cruise 940 NM @ 12.6 gph.(47.69 lph)
Range @ Long Range Cruise 1005 NM @ 11.2 gph.(42.39 lph)
Landing Performance
Ground Roll 720 ft. (219.46 m)
Distance over 50 ft. Obstacle 1,200 ft. (365.77 m)

Performance is based on a newly manufactured aircraft, which is well maintained and flown under standard ISA day, sea level conditions, at 3,250 lbs. (1,474.17 kg), cruise speeds at mid-weight, based on the latest data available at the time of publication of this document. The performance of any particular aircraft will depend in part on actual conditions, aircraft status, and pilot technique. Cruise range figures include allowances for start, taxi, climb, cruise descent, and 45-minute reserve at maximum endurance.



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