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A New Level of Performance
You're scheduled to depart Jefferson County airport in Denver on a summer day for Salt Lake City. At gross weight, and with the Rocky Mountains between you and your destination, you're not concerned. Because you're flying the Commander 115TC.

The turbocharged 115TC has added performance for those who routinely fly at higher altitudes and field elevations. Combined with the Commander's reputation for quality construction, spacious comfort, and superior handling, this new level of performance has created an aircraft without compromise.

Able to cruise at up to 25,000 ft., and up to 215mph, the Commander 115TC gives you more flexibility to choose the mission profile that best suits existing conditions. You can climb above most weather, or select cruising altitudes that provide the most favorable wind. If you're considering the purchase of a high performance single engine aircraft, and would like to experience the 115TC's superb performance first-hand, simply Contact Commander Premier for more information or to arrange a test flight.

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